Supermarket RD’s Pick: Boom Chicka Pop
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Boom Chicka Pop – Popcorn is a whole grain and is perfect for snacking. See how this brand gives their popcorn a pop of flavor and why it makes the list of a  Supermarket RD Pick.
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Boom Chicka Pop Popcorn flavors
First off, let’s just talk about the name. When I first saw this on the shelves, it immediately caught my eye.

Boom Chicka Pop  is a great snack for munching that you can feel good about eating.

Not only is Boom Chicka Pop made with all natural ingredients, but there are less calories, sodium, carbs, and fat in one 3 cup serving of Boom Chicka Pop (sea salt flavor) than in one 1 cup serving of some other packaged popcorn brands.

Each bag has symbols that indicate each products characteristics.

Boom Chicka Pop symbols

boom chicka pop symbols

As the Boom Chicka Pop line has expanded, they now have many new flavors! Their website gives this great chart of how the products stack up to each other nutritionally. I had a little trouble putting the white cheddar flavor down. It’s so delicious.

Boom Chicka Pop calorie comparison chart

They also have seasonal flavors, like there iced gingerbread kettle corn, that you can check out here.

What I also really like about it, is that is already popped. I really like to pack popcorn as a snack, but it’s not very feasible to pop up some popcorn when you are on the go. I’ve noticed in other (already popped) popcorn that it has this weird almost stale taste, and Boom Chicka Pop does not!

Snack Happy with Boom Chicka Pop!

Disclosure: Boom Chicka Pop did not sponsor this post. Images are from the Boom Chicka Pop website. All opinions are my own.



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