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As a registered dietitian and chef with a passion for food and cooking, I’m committed to helping people gain confidence in the kitchen to create nourishing meals. Follow along for delicious recipes, cooking tips, and meal prep strategies to enjoy the food you love.

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“Julie’s recipes come out perfect every time. I always know I am going to create something delicious when I follow her recipes”


“I really enjoyed the first class and would be interested in more. There were a few technological challenges, but I think those were overcome pretty well. For me, I really want to see Julie’s hands – what she is doing.”

Carolyn B.
Cooking Classes

“Workshop was great! The information presented (discussions & recipes) are very practical to what I do as a RDN. The workshop exceeded my expectations. Presenters were perfectly prepared, really impressed!”

Wendy B.
culinary nutrition workshops

“Julie has a way of capturing the audience’s attention when she is presenting.”


“I thought it was a great class! A lot to cover in 1.5 hours but it was fun to have something tasty to enjoy afterwards. Thanks for offering the class!”

Jennifer O.
Cooking Classes

“Abbie and Julie led a fantastic culinary nutrition workshop that was both informative and enjoyable. I learned the importance of using words that empower the client, encouraging them to choose certain foods rather than focusing on what they should avoid/limit. I also received a better understanding of how to help clients transition from their typical diet to gradually incorporating healthier choices . The hands-on cooking time in the kitchen were significant and valuable. The healthy recipes were delicious and easy to follow. I definitely plan on incorporating the recipes to my client sessions and even at home with my family!”

Minerva K.
culinary nutrition workshops

“Julie has a realistic and approachable way of educating about nutrition.”


“Thank you Julie for a great class! I learned what a chef’s knife is and how to use it properly. I also learned better ways to cut the vegetables, especially the bell pepper and the onion. I liked the way you and Corinne worked together and when you changed the angle of the camera so we could see what you were doing better. The stir fry was delicious! Thanks again.”

Marianne O.
Cooking Classes

“A different take on a culinary class that had adapted to the times. I like the combination of lecture and hands on cooking with commentary for both keeping me engaged.”

Carrie L.
culinary nutrition workshops

My family and I had an amazing experience with Julie Halloween cooking class. My kid’s had a lot of fun and I loved the fact that everything was done very smoothly, we had time to do everything we need to do without rushing. We asked questions when we were not sure of what to do and Julie was very polite and patience with us. So happy I decided to sign up fir this class. The last but not least is that all the ingredients we use on this class are very healthy and delicious.

Patricia T.
Cooking Classes

“It was really great to get some hands-on cooking exposure. I think actual cooking time and working with food is vital for the profession. Many educational nutrition programs lack the exposure to the kitchen that I think is important in teaching people how to eat better. If more RDs were versed in the culinary arts I think it would have a greater impact and improve people’s eating habits. Most people want to eat healthy and nutritious foods but don’t know how to make these meals. Creating more workshops such as this to instruct RDs to teach the public about the wonders of making a healthy meal will go a long way in changing health behaviors.”

Geri H.
culinary nutrition workshops