The Ultimate PB&J

Calling all PB&J lovers – this recipe is for you! Turn a classic into something new and exciting, like this Ultimate PB&J.
The Ultimate PB&J via RDelicious Kitchen @RD_KitchenI lived off PB&J growing up. It is so quick and easy to make, plus portable. This month The Recipe ReDux challenged members to cook with at least 3 ingredients that are actually in your refrigerator or pantry right now. 99% of the time, my kitchen will never be without peanut butter, bananas, bread, and chia seeds. They are staples.
The Ultimate PB&J via RDelicious Kitchen @RD_Kitchen

I was craving a classic PB&J this weekend, but with this challenge, I wasn’t just going to slather peanut butter and jelly on bread and call it a recipe, so I decided to add a little culinary twist to this classic for this RR challenge.

For a good PB&J (or any sandwich), make sure to start with hearty whole grain bread. Next, comes my favorite part, the peanut butter! I ran out of one of my favorites, Betsy’s Best, so I made my own version by mixing natural peanut butter with cinnamon and chia seeds. Then, topped with bruleed bananas, strawberries, and chopped peanuts, I’d say this is definitely gourmet compared your standard PB&J.

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the ultimate peanut butter and jelly cut in half on a white plate

The Ultimate PB&J

  • Author: Julie @ RDelicious Kitchen
  • Yield: 1


  • 2 slices whole grain bread, lightly toasted
  • 2 tablespoons natural peanut butter
  • 1 teaspoon cinnamon
  • 1 teaspoon chia seeds
  • 1 teaspoon coconut oil
  • 1 banana, sliced in half lengthwise
  • 2 strawberries, sliced
  • 1 tablespoon peanuts, chopped


  1. In a small bowl, stir together the peanut butter, cinnamon, and chia seeds. Set aside.
  2. In a small pan over medium heat, melt the coconut oil. Place bananas in pan and cook until golden brown.
  3. On one slice of bread, spread the peanut butter. Top with the cooked bananas, strawberry slices, and chopped peanuts. Place other slice of bread on top and enjoy!

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RDelicious Kitchen - Julie Harrington Consulting LLC - @rdkitchen
The Ultimate PB&J via RDelicious Kitchen @RD_Kitchen

The Ultimate PB&J via RDelicious Kitchen @RD_Kitchen