Grocery Store Finds: May 2018 (ALDI Edition)

Grocery Store Finds with Chef Julie Harrington, RD @ChefJulie_RD
You asked. I answered. Many requested a Grocery Store Finds post from the aisles of ALDI. Since there is not an ALDI near me, I honestly have never shopped there before. I’m always super jealous when I see other bloggers or Instagram friends sharing their budget-friendly ALDI finds. One dietitian friend, in particular, Sally Kuzemchak, of Real Mom Nutrition, is often sharing her grocery store finds from ALDI, I reached out to her to help me create an ALDI round-up to share with you today.
Sally Kuzemchak, MS, RD, is a registered dietitian, educator, and mom of two who blogs at Real Mom Nutrition, a “no-judgments zone” all about feeding a family. You can follow her on FacebookTwitterPinterest, and Instagram.
Take it away Sally..
Sally Kuzemchak - Real Mom Nutrition
If you haven’t already noticed, ALDI has developed something of a cult following. But for as huge as their fan base has become and for as many ALDI stores that are opening up across the country, I still meet people who are surprised by what you can find there—like organic milk and eggs, grass-fed beef, 100% maple syrup, organic coconut oil, quinoa, chia and hemp seeds, tubs of steel cut oats, fresh fruits and vegetables (including organic), and fresh salmon.
And that’s exactly what I’ve always loved about ALDI: They make healthy eating affordable and accessible to everyone, even if you’re on a budget. There’s no doubt my money goes much further at ALDI than it does at other grocery stores. And because ALDI has fewer aisles than most supermarkets, I’m in an out and done with my shopping in much less time. I love that!
Here are some of my current favorites:

Simply Nature Knock Your Sprouts Off Bread

Grocery Store Finds: Aldi's Edition 
Sprouted grains products are made with whole grain seeds that have just sprouted. That boosts many of the nutrients and even makes them easier for some people to digest. But a lot of sprouted grain breads are super-pricey. This one isn’t!

Specially Selected Brown Basmati Rice

 Grocery Store Finds: Aldi's Edition
ALDI has several different rice varieties, but this is a pantry staple I keep on hand for serving with Indian dishes (note: you can also get naan bread at ALDI too!) or stir-fries. It’s got two grams of fiber per serving and cooks in less time than regular brown rice.

Elevation Peanut Butter Cookie Pure & Simple Bar

Grocery Store Finds: Aldi's Edition
A dead ringer for Larabars. They’ve got just four ingredients: dates, peanuts, peanut meal, and sea salt. They’re also available in Apple Pie flavor.

liveGfree Gluten Free Multiseed Snack Crackers Grocery Store Finds: Aldi's Edition

I don’t eat gluten-free but happily munch on these crispy crackers anyway. ALDI has a line of gluten-free products under their brand liveGfree that includes snacks, pasta, baking mixes, mac-n-cheese, and frozen foods. 

Casa Mamita Taco Shells

 Grocery Store Finds: Aldi's Edition
My 13-year-old lives for tacos. But a lot of taco shells have long lists of ingredients. This one only has three: ground yellow corn, vegetable oil, and lime.
For more ideas, grab my free printable list of the best healthy foods to buy at ALDI.
Disclosure: Sally is a member of the ALDI Advisory Council and does some paid projects for them throughout the year but was not compensated to write this post.

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