Build A Better Burger

Fire up your grills

It’s burger season

Burgers are just not simply a beef patty between a sesame seed bun anymore. Grillers are getting a little more creative and adding healthy twists.


Your Protein:

For Beef

Look for 90% lean beef. You can pack in plenty of flavors and have a juicy burger while trimming back on saturated fat from a beef burger.

For Poultry

For ground chicken and turkey, look for “breast meat” or “100% white meat” to ensure it’s coming from leaner parts of the poultry.

Going meatless? No problem!

Portobello mushrooms are the perfect stand-in for a hamburger. It has a hearty meaty texture, with no saturated fat or cholesterol.


Your Bun

You just made a tasty burger so don’t skimp out on the bun. A simple healthy swap is choosing a whole grain burger bun.

Load on

the Produce

Try packing your burger patties with veggies! It’s not only a sneaky way to add more vegetables and nutrients, but it also keeps the burger moist and juicy.


It Up

Don’t hide the delicious flavors of the burger and toppings itself by overdressing your burger. Add a dollop of ketchup, mustard, or BBQ sauce.


It Off

Hard and firm cheeses like cheddar, Parmesan, and gruyere work well with all kinds of burgers from beef, to poultry, to veggie versions. A little goes a long way.

Let’s Build a Better Burger!