Supermarket RD’s Pick: Black Bean Pasta

Add black bean pasta on to your shopping list this week. It’s pasta made from black beans, which means more protein and fiber than regular pasta. Let’s learn why black bean pasta is #RDapproved making this a Supermarket RD’s Pick

Supermarket RD's Pick - Dietitian approved items that you can find in the grocery store! #rdchat

Ever heard of black bean pasta? Simply made from black beans (and water), it is a great alternative to regular pasta for a low carb, high protein, and high fiber option. Since it is made from black beans, the color of the pasta is black, which may take a little time to get used to.
Remember when Heinz made green and purple ketchup? As a kid, I remember the purple ketchup was in one of my friends refrigerator. For fun we did a blind taste test and blind folded each other and taste tested the purple ketchup with regular ketchup on french fries to see if we could tell the difference. We couldn’t tell the difference! I guess I was a little bit of a foodie back in the day too!

Don’t let the color deny you of this delicious pasta option. It tastes like pasta, but a little more al dente. Kids love the different color and I used it for a Halloween themed dish topped with pesto calling it a “witches cauldron pesto pasta”
Supermarket RD's Pick: Black Bean PastaRather than calling it black bean pasta (I don’t know why people are scared of beans), you can call it protein pasta. With 25 grams of protein for a 2 oz serving, I think it can deserve that title.
Supermarket RD's Pick: Black Bean PastaThis would be a perfect addition to a “Meatless Monday” dinner. This pasta alone, breaks the myth of not getting enough protein, vegetarian style. With a filling 25 grams of protein and 12 grams of dietary fiber, this pasta has built in portion control.
Supermarket RD's Pick: Black Bean Pasta
Looking for delicious recipes to try with black bean pasta?

black-bean-pasta-with-olives-and-cauliflower-2Black Bean Pasta with Olives and Cauliflower via Danielle Omar @ Food Confidence

Southwestern-Black-Bean-Spaghetti-3Southwestern Black Bean Spaghetti with Skinny Avocado Crema via Sarah @ Snixy Kitchen

Harissa-Rapini-with-Black-Black-Pasta-Smoky Harissa Rapini with Black Bean Pasta via Danielle Omar @ Food Confidence

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