Supermarket RD’s Pick: Luvo Frozen Meals

Need a quick meal in a pinch? While many healthy conscious individuals typically run from frozen meals, Luvo frozen meals are #RDapproved. Pick them up at your local grocery store and learn more why they are this week’s Supermarket RD’s Pick.  

Supermarket RD's Pick: Luvo frozen meals - check out why these are #RDapproved @rdkitchen
I know what you may be thinking.. A registered dietitian promoting frozen meals.. uhh okay? Hear me out.
While many of those frozen meals on the shelf at your grocery store can be a little scary based on their nutrition facts and their laundry list of ingredients, Luvo frozen entrees breakaway from the stereotype of frozen meals.
Supermarket RD's Pick: Luvo frozen meals - check out why these are #RDapproved @rdkitchenAll of their products are made with wholesome, nutritious ingredients.

The two major nutrition points that stood out to me right away were:
1. All of their entrees are < 500 mg of sodium.
2. Each meal is balanced with lean proteins, whole grains, and veggies!
Supermarket RD's Pick: Luvo frozen meals - check out why these are #RDapproved @rdkitchen
In a perfect world, every night would be a home cooked meal. Let’s be realistic. With crazy schedules and hectic lives, there are days where there is just not enough time, but instead of driving to the drive thru or grabbing take out, having a few of these in your freezer waiting for you at home is a better option.

I always recommend making half your plate fruits or veggies. I like to give the entree even a little more boost in the veggie department. For the spinach ricotta ravioli, I simply added a bed of spinach. When the ravioli was done cooking, the heat wilted the spinach, which was a perfect addition to this meal.
Supermarket RD's Pick: Luvo Frozen Meals | real food ingredients, portion controlled, low sodium
I’ve tried a variety of the items and they are all so flavorful and filling!
Interested in trying Luvo frozen entrees? They also carry additional breakfast, flatbread, and burrito frozen entrees as well.

RDelicious KitchenDisclosure: Luvo did not sponsor this post. All thoughts and opinions are my own. Some images and videos from Luvo website.