Supermarket RD’s Pick: Wholly Guacamole minis
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I’ve recently been on a total avocado kick – Smash it on toast, throw it in a salad, in my sushi roll, in a smoothie, etc. Only problem is, sometimes I am the only one eating the avocados. When I buy a few of unripe avocados, this happens.
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A little humor, but in all seriousness, sometimes my avocados got to waste because I can’t eat them fast enough. I found myself a “mini” solution – Wholly Guacamole minis. They are the perfect little portioned controlled packs of guac. I love that they are perfectly portioned at 100 calories per mini since it is super easy to overdo it with guac because it so delicious.
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4 minis come in one package. I’ve been throwing these in my lunch bag for a perfect little snack. If you follow my instagram, you saw that I couldn’t even wait to take a picture before I dove into one of these!
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If you look at the nutrition facts you can see that these wholly guacamole minis are an excellent source of healthy fats and fiber! Thumbs up!
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Plus, they have a short ingredient list with words/foods you actually know!
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 Other ways to enjoy Wholly Guacamole minis:
– Slice of whole wheat toast topped with a slice of tomato
– Use it to dip veggies or whole grain pretzels
– Swap out mayo for a smear of guac on a sandwich
– Top eggs with guac
– Ditch the salad dressing and add a dollop of guac on top
How do you like to add guacamole to your healthy eating lifestyle?

Disclaimer: Wholly Guacamole did not sponsor this post. All opinions are my own. 

In Good Health,
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