Grocery Store Finds: June 2019
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This month’s Grocery Store Finds, I’ve elicited help from my RD friends.

Grocery Store Finds

It was fun getting other RD’s perspectives on their grocery store finds choices from coast to coast, especially since we all shop in different grocery stores.

Somersaults Sunflower Seed Crunchy Bites

hand holding somersaults sunflower seed crunchy bites

A product I just discovered is Somersaults Sunflower Seed Crunchy Bites. I bought them for my kids but I’m actually loving them for myself! Since my daughter is allergic to nuts, I love that they offer protein and fiber from sunflower seeds. The chocolate flavor looks and tastes like little cookies so my kids love them and I really like that they’re low in sugar!

Grocery Store Find provided by Diana K. Rice, RD, CLEC, The Baby Steps Dietitian

Califia Farms Black and White Cold Brew Coffee

califia black & white unsweetened cold brew

Califia Farms Black and White Cold Brew Coffee. It has the perfect serving size and calorie count for a quick afternoon pick me up. It’s unsweetened and the first three ingredients are coffee, almond milk, and coconut cream. Each 10 fluid ounce bottle is just 60 calories and provides 25% of the Daily Value for calcium. Convenient, portable, and tasty!

Grocery Store Find provided by Kristine Duncan, MS, RDN, CDE

Good Foods Plant Based Dips

good foods dip

Good Foods Plant Based Dips! They are plant based with no artificial ingredients and are dairy free. They come in buffalo, avocado pesto and queso (my favorite so it’s already gone!). The first ingredient is cauliflower. No added sugars, plus per serving there’s less than 50 calories, 3 grams fat, and under 5 grams carb. They are very yummy! For chips, I recommend Beanitos Chips for 4g fiber and 5g plant based protein too!

Grocery Store Find provided by Kilene Knitter, RD, LDN

Trader Joe’s Swiss/Gruyere Cheese Blend

Trader Joe's shredded cheese blend swiss & gruyere

For those that need to stick to a low sodium diet, cheese can often be out of the question since most varieties are quite high in sodium. Shredded cheddar, jack, and mozzarella can have around 180mg per 1/4 cup serving. I was thrilled to find a Swiss/gruyere blend at Trader Joe’s with only 55mg sodium per 1/4 cup serving! Amazing!!

Grocery Store Find provided by Lindsey Pine MS, RDN, CLT

Have you tried any of these items? Comment below of your favorite items I should be on the lookout for!