Grocery Store Finds: July 2019
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Grocery Store Finds

New month, new grocery store finds! This month, Chef Abbie Gellman, RD and I hosted our first culinary workshop in NYC for healthcare professionals. It was such a success and thanks to our wonderful sponsors, we got to try a few new products. We cooked with them and did different tastings of all of these foods at the workshop and were enjoyed by all. Some are on the grocery store shelves now and some coming soon, so keep your eyes peeled at the grocery store.

New Flavor Alert: Wonderful Pistachios

wonderful pistachios instagram

New flavor alert! Wonderful Pistachios came out with 2 new flavors. Bonus – they are already shelled for you! Do you prefer salty or sweet? The chili roasted definitely have a lingering kick while the honey roasted is subtly sweet. Keep your eyes peeled because they are hitting the grocery store shelves soon! Can’t wait? Order them online.

Soom Tahini

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Soom is the creamiest tahini I’ve ever tried. Top restaurants are now using in their restaurant dishes. In our culinary workshop, we made this amazing lemon tahini sauce to drizzle over roasted broccoli. Tahini is now trending and now tahini is being used in baked goods recipes.

New Flavor Alert: Siggi’s Coffee Yogurt

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I finally got my hands on the new Siggi’s coffee flavor. For the past couple of weeks, I’ve been stalking the dairy aisle for it to come it. I snagged the last one off the shelf. Coffee lovers rejoice! I am usually a one cup coffee kind of girl, but now I can enjoy the flavor throughout the day as a high protein snack.

Yondu Vegetable Essence

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I was newly introduced to Yondu when they graciously let us host our culinary workshop class at their culinary studio in NYC. Yondu is a versatile savory seasoning that brings out the flavor of your ingredients. Made with fermented soybeans and a flavorful vegetable broth, add just 1 teaspoon to 2 cups of veggies. We did a taste test of sauteed kale with and without kale. Since then, Yondu has been included to my sauteed kale ever since.

Dream Greens

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Dream Greens are locally grown all year round at AeroFarms indoor vertical farming company committed to making our planet greener. The vertical farm is located in the city of Newark, New Jersey. When you stack growing trays up high, the same piece of land becomes 390 times more productive! Learn more about vertical farming here.

What grocery store finds have you been enjoying lately?