Grocery Store Finds: August 2019 (Back to School Edition)
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Grocery Store Finds

New month, new grocery store finds! Sadly, summer is coming to an end and everyone is getting back into their normal work routines and students are heading back to school. This month I’m featuring easy, very little prep, and portable items that will come in handy as you are running out the door.

CuteCumber Poppers

hand holding CuteCumber Poppers at the grocery store

How cute are these snack-sized cucumbers?! Eat them right out of the package and enjoy as is or pair with your favorite dip. I’m curious how they would do if you pickled them? These are perfect if you are craving something crunchy.

Sabra Singles

hand holding Sabra Singles at the grocery store

Looking for something to pair with your CuteCumbers? Sabra singles are the perfect grab and go option to add with any veggies or whole-grain crackers. Already portioned sized, you won’t worry about over dunking from your hummus container.

Quaker Overnight Oats

hand holding Quaker overnight oats in the grocery store

I’m guilty of hitting the snooze button as many times as I can in, especially on Monday mornings. Have breakfast prepared and ready to go so you don’t skip out on breakfast. You can, of course, make overnight oats on your own, but this Quaker cup is very convenient. Just add in milk and any other toppings you like. My favorite combo topping is strawberries and peanut butter.

Stonyfield Snack Pack

hand holding Stonyfield Snack Pack in the grocery store

How many times have you packed a yogurt for lunch or packed one for your kids, but you forgot the pack the spoon? No spoon needed for these Stonyfield Snack Packs. Paired with graham crackers, they are the only edible utensil you will need.

Roasted Seaweed Snacks

hand holding Annie Chun's Seaweed Snacks at the grocery store

I’ve become slightly addicted to these seaweed snacks after discovering them this month. If you enjoy sushi you will love these! Seaweed contains a wide range of vitamins and minerals, including iodine, iron, and calcium. Some types can even contain high amounts of vitamin B12. Moreover, it’s a good source of omega-3 fats.

Chef Julie Harrington, RD - Culinary Nutrition Consultant of

What grocery store finds have you been enjoying lately?

Grocery Store Finds
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