8 Deviled Egg Recipes
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Need some new ideas to use up your hard boiled eggs after Easter? Here’s a round up of 8 new deviled egg recipe ideas!

8 Deviled Egg Recipes - RDelicious Kitchen

My family is crazy about our traditions. Easter is one the most competitive holidays in our household. All the cousins have a full blown Easter Egg Hunt which over the course of the past 3 years have turned into quite an event. Mind you, the we are in the age range of 14-27. My Aunt is the commissioner who plans the hunts each year. To keep it interesting, the rules vary.
This year, my aunt really stepped it up a notch. There was a golden egg trophy at steak which grants bragging rights all year.
We used to have the traditional egg hunts, but it wasn’t a fair game since some have a little more athletic edge over others. My aunt is super creative and developed this over the top awesome hunt. You are only allowed to grab one egg at at time. You then bring it to a check point, open your egg and then complete the task inside in order to search for another egg. Some of the tasks are physical challenges like push-ups. Others are brain teasers. Then some are tasks like rolling a hockey puck down the driveway on its side.
2013 was girls vs. boys – Girls won!
2014 was individuals – I won!
2015 was pairs – My sister Stacey and cousin Jake won!
Harrington Easter Egg Hunt
We look forward to Easter every year! Yes, we are SO over the top, but we LOVE it.
Of course we keep the other Easter tradition of dying eggs. With so many of us, what do you do with all those hard boiled eggs?  Are there a bunch of eggs in your refrigerator after this Easter weekend too? Instead of your go-to deviled egg recipes to repurposed your dyed eggs that you made for Easter, try a new recipe from this recipe round-up!

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  1. Hi Julie, First of all congratulations for making the Cabot Fit Team! I ‘m excited for you!!!!!!! Today’s post about your egg hunt is a hoot! Great round-up of deviled egg photos and recipes!

  2. Your aunt sure is creative in coming up with variations on the traditional egg hunt – I love her ideas by the way!
    And I also love deviled eggs – these are some mouthwatering twists on the traditional one!!

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